Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Not Christian, Jew, or Muslim

This video clip from Al-Jazeera is stunning, though I fear that this woman is going to need some serious protection from the world of Islamic fundamentalism. After watching this video the prospect of secularism as opposed to monotheism is inviting.

You must watch this video.


nedric said...

I couldn't get the video to work, but I read the transcript. Thank you for sharing that.

I can hardly believe it aired on Al-Jazeera! I hope someone heard it.

Casey said...

Monica that's one of those speeches that make me wonder where all of the great orators have gone... I totally agree with everything she says, but I'm always up for some skeptical thinking, so I'm going to do a post tomorrow about the virtues of medievalism.

This time, I hope, I won't have to defend violence.

Luke said...

There is no need to choose between secularism and monotheism. The modern secular order was created by people who were inspired by a certain conception of monotheism -- not the Muslim one I might add. Just because Mohammad claimed that Allah was the same as the God of Abraham doesn't make it so. Abraham didn't live off booty ("I will not take a shoelace that is not mine, lest any should say that I have made Abram rich" nor did he come into the promised land with guns ablazing.

Moses is another matter unfortunately. Incidentally there is some evidence that Muhammad may have been modeling himself on the figure of Moses as he understood it, the main difference being that for him [Muhammad] and his followers the whole world is the promised land, and we are the Canaanites!

Monica said...

I agree with you, Luke -- secular monotheism, perhaps? And you are right about Abraham as well, though he certainly had a sneaky side (trying to pass Sarah off as his sister, twice, in order to protect himself).

Very interesting about Mohammad, also. I had never heard that. It does seem though, that first there's Judaism. And then Christianity comes along and tries to fill in the gaps ("Here's the Messiah!"). And then, of course, comes Islam, trying to fill in more gaps of its own. I wonder if there's another religion that will come along and do the same thing.