Saturday, January 19, 2008

Levinas, Bak, and Interpretation

I'm currently co-guest-editing an issue of Modern Fiction Studies. The topic is Levinas and Narrative, and we have finally chosen an image for the cover of the issue (above). It's a piece called "Interpretation" (2003) by Samuel Bak, who is one of my favorite artists of all time. Isn't it lovely?

You can see more of Bak's work here.


Insignificant Wrangler said...

Great picture for the topic. I wish the key clearly didn't fit the (w)hole, but I'll take it as is.

Adam Shprintzen said...

Hey wow! That's amazing news!

Monica said...

Insignificant Wrangler-- Well, the key only fits the (w)hole (according to my reading of the text) because it is symbolic of multiple, ongoing interpretations. The key is shaped like a beit, which is the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and also the first letter of the Bereshit (creation narratives, and in Judaism creation is ongoing rather than part of a beginning-end structure). So my reading of this painting, is that only ongoing/continual interpretation opens up the text. Cool, no?

Oh, and thanks, Adam!